Daudi and Kroll

Immigration Law

The team at Daudi & Kroll, P.C. assists individuals, families, and corporations with immigration and nationality law and ensure that our clients are advocated for and receive fair and just treatment under the ever-changing immigration laws in the United States. We represent clients in a wide variety of immigration matters including family and employment-based cases, removal proceedings, immigrant and non-immigrant visas, consular processing, and naturalization. We routinely handle cases before USCIS, Immigration Courts, the Board of Immigration Appeals, the Administrative Appeals Office, Federal District Courts, and the United States Court of Appeals.

Our Business Law services include the following:

Withholding of Removal
Cancellation of Removal
Adjustment of Status
Stay of Removal
Hardship Waivers
Immigrant Visas:
 – Family-based Green Card
 – Employment-based Green Card (EB-1 to EB-5)
 – Diversity Visa Lottery
 – Asylum/Refugees
Non-Immigrant Visas:
 – Visitor Visas (B1 or B2)
 – Student Visas
 – Work Visas
 – U Visas (Crime, VAWA, etc.)
 – T Visas (human trafficking)
Naturalization (citizenship)