Daudi and Kroll

Estate Planning

Estate planning is an important concept that is often overlooked. Creating an estate plan allows an individual to determine how their estate will be distributed upon their passing, and will ideally prevent assets from passing through probate. Probate is a lengthy and costly process that can be quite overwhelming for loved ones. There are several different types of estate plans that an individual can create depending on their wishes and circumstances. Establishing an estate plan during one’s lifetime can provide the individual with great comfort knowing their assets will pass as they intended, but it also provides great guidance to the loved ones upon that individual’s passing.

At Daudi & Kroll, P.C., we are here to help create estate plans that will align with each individual’s wishes and needs. We pride ourselves in familiarizing ourselves with the goals and objectives of our clients in order to create an estate plan that represents their best interests, but also preserves, secures, and distributes their wealth as they wish. Our attorneys understand the value of estate planning and probate law, and strive to ensure our clients are provided with the utmost support during the process.

Our Estate Planning, probate, and trust services include the following:

Asset Protection Planning
Business Succession Planning
Family Farm Succession Planning
Estate & Gift Tax Planning
Family Limited Partnership
Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust
Irrevocable Trust
Last Will and Testament
Life Insurance Planning
Litigation (Probate & Trust)
Medicaid Planning
Private Family Foundation
Power of Attorneys (Medical and Financial)
Revocable Living Trust
Non-Traditional Family Planning
Special Needs/Amenities Trusts