Daudi and Kroll

Construction Law

Every construction project begins with the best of intentions; the project will be under budget, the proper materials will be delivered, and everyone will be paid on time. Unfortunately, even the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. When there is a problem with your construction plan you should expect, at a minimum, there will be escalating costs and project delays. However, to ensure you receive the most protection you are entitled to, then you need to contact our attorneys in the early stages of the project. The earlier our attorneys are contacted the sooner we can address potential risks or hazards and the more likely you will be shielded from liability. Our attorneys will become an indispensable member of your team.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of services our attorneys can provide:

Contract Review/Drafting
Breach of Contract Disputes
Change Orders Claims
Delays and Acceleration Claims
Michigan Builder Trust Fund Act
Preparing the Proper Notices
Construction Liens
Foreclosure Litigation