Dedicated. Determined. Dependable.

These three traits are what set us apart from other law firms. At Daudi & Kroll we take a very serious and diligent approach by working around the clock, assisting our clients and providing them with the best results imaginable.

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Business Law

With the attitude that no business is too small, the attorneys at Daudi & Kroll possess the knowledge, experience and expertise to be able to handle any and all business-related matters.

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Family Law

The attorneys at Daudi & Kroll firmly believe that providing honest, practical, and cost-efficient legal representation helps alleviate your stress and puts you in a position to obtain the best results possible.

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Our legal

practice areas

Business Law

At Daudi & Kroll, P.C., our attorneys understand the importance of establishing a well-structured business that helps build a solid foundation for future success...

Family Law

Going through a divorce can be a difficult and stressful experience and having an attorney that understands your stress can only make your process easier. The attorneys...

Health Law

The Attorneys at Daudi & Kroll, P.C. understand the stress medical professionals undertake on a daily basis, as well as the complexity of the health industry as a whole...

Estate Planning

Estate planning has been a concept commonly overlooked by clients, and that is partly because many are not familiar with what it is or how it works. At Daudi & Kroll...

Employment Law

Your workforce is the engine of your business. Without the proper regulation of your workforce your business will undoubtedly suffer negative consequences. Our attorneys...

Immigration Law

The team at Daudi & Kroll, P.C. assists individuals, families, and corporations with immigration and nationality law and ensure that our clients are advocated for...

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